"If you can't eat 
it, don't put it on your skin."

– Dr. Saulius Alkaitis

My journey into skincare began when I was just 13 years old. This is when I first developed severe acne and started experimenting with every skin care product, medication and treatment under the sun. I saw dermatologists for years who only wanted to prescribe antibiotics or harsh peels and products loaded with chemicals. I tried them all  (except Accutane, that is where I drew the line) to find they only offered a temporary solution or even more frustrating would leave my skin red and irritated; worse than when I started.

Those first years of dealing with acne were difficult. As a teen we're so vulnerable and it's extremely sad to be insecure and embarrassed to show your own face. My struggle with my skin continued well into my 20's. But then I met someone who changed my life and skin forever!

After having no luck with traditional dermatologists someone recommended I see a naturopathic doctor. Nothing else had worked for me so I felt it was worth a try. So I booked an appointment, excited for her to give me some magic solution I had never tried before. Boy did she ever! But it wasn't your typical drug prescription. In fact the majority of my visit we discussed only my diet. At the time I ate poorly and was clueless about nutrition. So I was shocked that the only thing she sent me home with was a list of foods to eat/which to avoid, and suggested I buy a juicer. At first I was devastated. I wanted the magic pill. But since I didn't have one, off I went to buy my first juicer and made a trip to the grocery store. I had never purchased so many leafy greens in my life!!!

To my complete surprise and delight I began to notice a significant change in my skin in just a week! I was completely sold and so I began studying more on nutrition. Through my research I began to learn the importance of a raw food diet and the benefits of living foods; also how important it is to eat organic. The more I learned, the more inspired I was!

 It was then that I decided to go back to school to pursue a career in aesthetics. I chose The Euro Institute of Skincare specifically for their holistic approach to skin and naturopathic technique. The knowledge I would gain during my training about the skin and how it works was truly amazing.

After graduating I went on to work for 9 years at several high end spas in both Seattle and Beverly Hills.

Building my clientele has been extremely rewarding. I love being able to help others with their own skin issues, whether it be acne or aging or hyper pigmentation - It's always rewarding to see their transformation! But the part I love most is the actual relationships I've built with my clients! It has been so inspiring to hear each of their stories and to get to know them personally.  In fact several clients have become close friends and it was with their encouragement and with much excitement in April of 2013 I opened my own business, Holly Cline Skincare.

Starting my business has been  a dream come true. I feel blessed to have a career that I love! Not only do I enjoy the aesthetic part but also the pampering and nurturing side. I love inviting people into my space, serving them hot tea, and helping them relax and let go of their daily stress. Even if it is for just an hour.

I am so thankful to all the beautiful women (and men!) who I've been so lucky to meet and build a clientele with over the past 11 years! My commitment to each of you is to continuously introduce only the finest ingredients, products and services that will leave your skin glowing and most important healthy! I look forward to our continued journey and to new clients I have yet to meet!

Sincerely ,
Holly Cline